Cutting Out "Shoulds"

Dear Friends,

This spring I'm going to kill off the "shoulds".  You know, "I should do this...", "I should get around to that..., "I should think about...".

It just makes me tired thinking about all those "shoulds".  

So, I'm going to kill off that word.  NO MORE SHOULDS!  I feel better already.  

The first "should" that's hitting the trash is, "I should walk more."  I love walking, but telling myself the dreaded "should" makes it a chore.  

I'm going to re-frame it instead.  I WANT to go walking with my friend, Jane. We WILL turn it into a fun "twalk" because we'll talk the whole way.  In fact, since she's so busy I'm AM going to get on her calendar so we do it regularly.    

That was easy!    

How about you?  What "shoulds" are you going to toss out?  Let me know so I can share your stories!  I love them. 

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Thanks for being our customer.

All the best to you!

Anne & the entire JunoActive team