Give Yourself A Floral Hug

by Customer Service March 25, 2021 1 min read

Girl in red shirt holding a bouquet of flowers.

I have a friend that sometimes just shows up at my door with flowers. The last time she stopped by, she brought me red sticks that I just plunked into a vase of water. I was delighted to see the most beautiful pink flowers emerge!  

pink flowers in vase

In the past, I would only buy flowers for others, on special occasions. My friend is teaching me about "flower power" and self care.

  • Flowers are like a hug - and don't we all need that right now?
  • Flowers root me to the Earth.  Every time I look at them I find myself breathing deeper, and probably lowering my blood pressure.
  • Flowers just make me smile. I don't worry about the perfect arrangement, the flowers are beautiful no matter what I do.

mixed flowers in vase

I've learned that I love to have flowers in the house - all the time. Sometimes, I grab a few daffodils or daisies from the grocery store.  Sometimes I splurge on roses from the flower shop.

Not only have I started buying myself flowers, but I've started showing up at other peoples' doors with flowers, too. My friend has taught me how much fun it is to surprise others with a little "floral hug."

So give yourself a floral hug -- you deserve it. Oh, and if you want to add a little spring pick-me-up to your wardrobe check out our NEW Floral Print Briefs!

Happy Spring!


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