A Birthday Note - Thankfulness in Hard Times

Exhaustion!  That’s what I’m hearing from most folks as we head into the second Fall season of COVID-19.  Like many of you, I’ve had some family health issues to wrestle with and it can take its toll on your mind, body and spirit.  I want to be the epitome of gracious gratefulness – but it’s hard to do when I’m feeling overwhelmed. So what is there to do?  Here’s what I’m trying out this Thanksgiving season!

Giving myself a break. 

I won’t get those "thank you" notes out right away but I’m putting a low tech post-it note on the fridge to keep track.  Those notes may be late, but people will understand.  They are exhausted, too.

Appreciate the moment. 

As I write this, a blue jay just came by.  I took a moment to enjoy. It's the little things, after all, that can really brighten your day like saying thanks and enjoying the small conversations with everyone I encounter; kids, clerks, the post person.  Is it just me, or are these small moments even more special since COVID?      

Get outside. 

I recently spent a lot of time at the hospital.  We had spectacular care but being inside so long, I was craving the outdoors.  Today, I’m doing it!  Even a little nature time will relax and re-set me.

Create space to add in joy.

This has been a good time to eliminate the junk in my life; from household excess, to meaningless past times.  I’m adding back the things I really love and that make me laugh - I'm loving the Ted Lasso Series on Apple TV that my son got me going on!  

I'm also starting a monthly eating out group with a couple of girlfriends I don't see enough!  The first Friday of each month we will meet at a restaurant on the famous Eat Street in Minneapolis, eating our way down the street!  I’m looking forward to this. 

Saying no in order to say YES. 

When I’m feeling overwhelmed it’s easier to say no.  And it’s OK to do that, to make room for saying “Yes.”  I’m getting better at it--and I recommend trying it.

What am I thankful for this Thanksgiving Season?

I’m thankful for you.  Your support and loyalty means the world to me and all of us at JunoActive. When we hear that something from JunoActive works for you...well, it’s our point of joy!    

As our small gift of thanks, please use this code: CELEBRATEANNE and take $25 off your next order over $99.  This special offer is good through 11-30-21 and is limited to one use per customer.  Share it with a friend who makes you laugh!  Have fun!  Get outside!  


Pink background with gifts and balloons with JunoActive's President, Anne Kelly's, birthday offer.


With appreciation,

Anne and the JunoActive Team