Style #377529BLACKXL

QuikEnergy™ Swim Skirt with Brief

Size Guide
high tech fabric High-Tech Fabric
Our QuikEnergy fabric will keep you tucked in with great support
Extra compression keeps your muscles happy and comfortable
Chlorine resistant Xtra-Life Lycra® keeps your swimwear alive longer
80% Nylon 20% Xtra Life Lycra®
performance tailored Performance Tailoring
Built-in swim brief keeps you worry free and modest in the water
Bubbler vent on each hip prevents skirt from filling with air in the hot tub
Reinforced waistband prevents elastic from curling or twisting uncomfortably
1X Skirt length is 15.5". Length increases .25" for each size.
Style On The Move Style On The Move
Excellent coverage both in and out of the water, plus who doesn't love a cute skirt?
Side slit detail provides a trendy twist while adding a greater range of motion
Customizable alternative to the swim dress

Its always good to have options for indecisive outfit moments or a sudden change of weather at the beach. This plus size swim skirt is a great solution for those who like coverage but want a more feminine look. No matter what you pair this skirt with, it will make for a cohesive look.