5 Reasons to Love Hiking Poles

Recently, I spent the weekend with my sister on the Northshore of Lake Superior.  This area just north of Duluth, Minnesota is beautiful -- you should see the golden tamaracks in the fall! 

My sister Pat, who had a knee replaced, was a little hesitant about hiking these winding, uneven trails -- until she tried my hiking poles. I always hike with two cork-handled, telescoping (good for travel) hiking sticks and she loved them so much she bought herself a pair at the next outdoors store we found.   

So why do we like hiking with walking poles?

  • They are cool. Don’t worry, these are trendy! Everyone is using them! They don’t tag you as old or less-abled. In fact, we met a 20-something hiker on the Lake Superior Trail who had been out for two weeks and said he couldn’t had done it without walking poles.
  • Good biomechanics. They “square up” your body so you use your whole body; upper arms pushing through.  Plus, they “even out” the hips and knees, and give you a nice, tall, athletic stance. You’ll look great walking in poles!
  • It feels wonderful. Even though you are getting a nice, full-body workout -- it just seems easier! 
  • Up and down support. Steps, stones, and roots are now easier, and less-likely to cause a stumble. As my sister said, “it was like taking handrails.”  And with two poles you always have a rail on each side.  Coming down big steps is especially nice: Plant your poles ahead of you and just step down.  No need to “do the crab!” 
  • It is simply fun! They are a great conversation starter, so you’ll find yourself meeting new people everywhere you use them.

When you buy your poles, be sure to get some tips from a regular user.  You can’t do it wrong, but learning some technique makes it even more enjoyable. But don’t worry, with use, you’ll develop your own style, and I guarantee you’ll be a fan.

What trails have you hiked in your poles – and Juno clothing? We love our new rain and wind jacket for being outdoor. What trails to you recommend to other Junonians?

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