Plus size woman on beach in JunoActive pink plus size tankini swim top and black JunoActive swim shorts

JunoActive Fabrics

What makes our clothes different? At JunoActive we're experts in sourcing the latest and greatest in performance fabrics. Pair that with construction techniques that emphasize comfort, fit and quality and you get plus size clothing that fit and last. After all, we think you deserve that best and that’s why we put so much thought in creating our clothing.
Junowear® Hush

Smooth and luxurious, Junowear Hush provides high-level base layer comfort.

Junowear® Cotton Stretch

Your choice in comfort combined with exemplary design details for a perfect fit.


Extreme comfort designed with a premium, moisture-wicking, dense fiber blend to support you and your most active days.


Soft, superior, performance-based fabric to support your Active. Life. Style.


Unparallelled versatility! All-day, every day style & confidence in a fabric that moves with you and maintains it's shape.


Our lightest fabric, gentle and airy.


Peachy soft and irresistible, SoftWik is your perfect companion for active and casual days.

Stretch Naturals™

Fantastic mid-weight cotton stretch – feels great and looks amazing all year round! 

Stretch Naturals™ Lite

Enjoy a lighter-weight version of our customer-favorite Stretch Naturals fabric.


Refreshing, digitally printed fabric on our our beloved Stretch Naturals Lite™ material.


Our softest fabric is a gentle caress against your skin providing you the ultimate comfort with ease.


Cotton sophisticate! The finest heavy-weight, French terry cotton – luxuriously soft and durable, allowing it to stand the test of time.

LifeStyle™ Cotton

Digitally printed, cotton stretch fabric is soft and gentle providing you with the perfect, refined drape.

Legacy™ Cotton

Cotton is Queen! Experience 100% heavyweight, jersey-knit cotton – soft, durable, classic luxury.


SunLite feels like a breeze against your skin with a smooth, light, airy, and cool feel that you won't be able to resist.


Smooth texture and excellent stretch in our most chlorine-resistant performance swim fabric.


Thicker swim fabric with a comfortable stretch and supportive compression that provides swimmers agility in the water.

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We are on the frontline of the entire production process, from garment design, to fabric selection to tailoring and manufacturing to ensure quality activewear. Unlike other companies, we don’t design a size 6 sample and size it up for our plus sizes, we design exclusively for plus sizes. We pair our amazing fabric finds with US manufacturers who have the machinery and knowledge to create high quality activewear. Sample garments are created and then checked for fit and comfort on actual fit models bodies.

We provide plus size clothing that our customers want and need based on their very own feedback. You need plus size pants with pockets. You want seams that don’t rub and chafe. You want plus size activewear that takes you from the gym and is stylish enough for streetwear. We’ve got some amazing styles and fabrics for you. Quick drying, moisture wicking fabrics and they’re attractive in a range of colors that you’ll love.

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