5 Tips To Find Peace This Holiday Season

by Juno Active December 22, 2020 2 min read

JunoActive plus size clothing 5 tips to find peace this holiday season

5 Tips To Find Peace This Holiday Season

This year has been different in a lot of ways, but getting through another stressful December is not new to a lot of us. With work, kids, strained holiday get-togethers (real or virtual), gifts, and making it all feel special with all the unusual constraints -- it can all be next-level hard (mixed with a lot of beautiful). Remember, you can’t pour from an empty cup, so fill yourself up and keep an eye on that meter. 

Here are 5 tips to help find peace this holiday season:

  1. Phone a Friend - Connecting with loved ones is a sure fire way to spread, and receive, some cheer.  Set up a virtual call or simply make a good ol’ fashion audio call.  There’s all kinds of ways to reach out and say hello.
  2. Keep Gifts Simple - Be realistic about your time and budget and stick to it.  Thoughtful doesn’t need to mean expensive.  A new houseplant, a bouquet of flowers, an interesting cookbook, or just the gift of your time might be all that special person in your life desires. 
  3. Take a Break - Feeling rundown?  Listen to your body and give yourself a break. Finding a cozy spot to lay down, even if just a few moments, can restore your energy.  Write down any pressing concerns to help clear your mind.  Try putting on headphones to wordlessly communicate you’re off duty. 
  4. Cater It - Restaurants need you now more than ever, as many small businesses are struggling this year.  Why not give yourself a break and let someone else do the meal prep?  For special family dinners or small gatherings, consider your favorite local restaurant to cater the affair. They may even have a special menu you can order from.  
  5. Take a walk - Last but not least, get out for a walk.  Listen to a restful or educational podcast, or just listen to the sounds of nature and connect with your breath and the world around you.  It’s a mini vacation we could all use to refill our cup. 

Happy Holidays from all of us at JunoActive.

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