by Anne Kelly March 31, 2020 1 min read

JunoActive 6x6 workout video moving to the floor with ease

6X6 Workouts - Staying Active in 6 Feet of Space

Having trouble getting to the floor and back up again?  Hesitant to try floor exercises based on previous experiences?  You aren't alone!  This video is for you.

This 6X6 fitness video is brought to you by Michael Hayes, founder of Buddha Body Yoga, located in NYC.  Michael will guide you through a few options to safely lower to the ground and get back up.  

Watch Now:

Join us each week as we continue to stay active in 6 Feet of Space.  Have suggestions or comments?  Anne Kelly, owner of JunoActive, would love to hear from you!  Email her at annekelly@junoacitive.com.

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