Change is Good–Every Little Bit Helps!

JunoActive Plus Size Activewear. Circular graphic with correlating icons for each phrase: Keep Evolving, Keep Succeeding, Keep Moving, Keep Shining, Keep Changing, Keep Asking, Keep Growing, Keep Evolving.

Both in personal life and in business, change is essential. Change allows us to grow, evolve, move forward, and be successful. 

At JunoActive, we are proud to be an exclusive plus size clothing company that provides exceptional designs using high-quality, performance fabrics, and we are always looking for ways to improve and innovate our business. Most recently, we focused on reducing our environmental impact with the clothing production process.

One of the changes we made is switching to digital garment printing for our patterned shirts. There are several benefits to the digital fabric printing process. First, it reduces the amount of ink, energy, and water used to print on fabric. The traditional  method we used passed material through a machine with rotary screens that added one color at a time. Each pass through the device used more energy, and the screens had to be washed after each color, which uses a lot of water. Digital printing, on the other hand, is similar to inkjet printing in that it applies all the ink colors directly to the surface of the fabric at the same time. This process uses less ink and gives the printed fabric a softer, more natural, gentle feel on your skin. Digital printing is also more efficient, so we don’t have to print more material than we need, which reduces waste from unused fabric. Finally, harsh chemicals are not required for this printing method, making the process more friendly for the environment.

Check out our LifeStyle Cotton Collection which utilizes this new digital garment printing process. The first customer reviews that have come in on the fabric boast, “The quality of the fabric was perfect.”, from Rita P., and “The fabric is soft and comfortable to wear.” from Jean T. As we continue to innovate and evolve, watch for more new styles and print collections in the upcoming months!

In business and life, every little change can help make a big difference! What little things do you do that make a big difference in your life? For some inspiration, take a look at this article from Success Magazine. 

Continue to shine and be the best version of yourself!

We are proud to support your Active. Life. Style. 🧡