Four No-Slip Tips for Winter Fun

JunoActive HQ is located in Minnesota, so we know a thing or two about surviving -- and thriving -- in winter. In fact, we love being outside and being active in this winter wonderland! But we don’t love ice and the risk of falling and injury. Who needs that!? Beyond the “Minnesota Shuffle” (a term that refers to the funny way we shuffle our feet and hunch over so we don’t slip), here are some ideas to stay safe and make the most of the winter season:

1. Great boots! If you live in an icy climate, don’t skimp on boots with really great traction. They could mean the difference between an incident-free walk through your neighborhood and a dangerous one. When looking for outdoor shoes, look for soles that resemble a car tire -- lots of bumps and grooves.

Close up of Ice grippers on bottom of snow boot.


2. Pull-on ice grippers over your shoes or boots. These grippers can turn any shoe into non-slip footwear. And nowadays, there are a lot of options on the market. Our favorite is the YakTrax Spikes. But note, since grippers are tough on floors AND tough to strap onto your shoes, we recommend you dedicate a pair of “gripper shoes” so you can just leave them in place for the winter. It’s so much more motivating to get out the door for a walk when you can just slip on your ice-ready shoes.

3. Inside walking. If you’re still trying to get your steps in, and the neighborhood sidewalks are piled high in snow, go inside. You’ll be amazed at how many places offer indoor walking… and it’s usually free. And there’s often an informal walking club to join. Malls are a great place to start, or check-out your local community center. You might find yourself pulled into a pickleball league, too!

4. Snow shoeing! The latest snowshoe models have grippers built-in for safe and fun walking in your local park or off-trail. The grippers make it easier to go up and down inclines without slipping. And don’t forget to take along your walking poles with snow baskets for additional support, and ease. But don’t count on poles to keep you safe on the ice.

Top half of plus size woman wearing navy JunoActive waterproof breathable wind and rain jacket.
The winter season can be such a beautiful time to be active outdoors -- just ask any of us Minnesotans who generally love the winter season. But being safe and not slipping on ice is our first priority. And while you’re out enjoying the season, don’t forget to layer up! Try our JunoActive Waterproof Breathable Wind & Rain Jacket, It will keep you dry, keep the wind out so you can stay outside a little longer.

Comment below on what outdoor activity YOU enjoy doing in the winter.