Giving Back - JunoActive Spotlight's Female Led Non-Profits

In the month of March, JunoActive committed to donating 5% of our total revenue earned over a two day period to two female led non-profits.  We believe deeply in these causes and wanted to shed light on these young females that are making a difference in so many people's lives.  Thank you for participating in the endeavor.  Here is a bit more about the organizations you helped.

Positive Impact for Kids

Sometimes a gift, no matter how big or small, can make a big impact.  As a young

Leanne Joyce from Positive Impact for Kids
heart patient, Leanne Joyce, the founder of this non-profit organization, was given a gift to calm and distract her while awaiting test results at a children's hospital.  She was so grateful for the volunteers and their donation she knew she had a to pay it forward.  So, Leanne founded Positive Impact for Kids.  This organization raises money to donate games and educational tools to kids in pediatric hospitals.  To date, she has raised $150,000 and donated a variety of items, including toys and gaming consoles, iPads and gift cards.  Learn more or donate here:


Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents

Ruby Kate from 3 Wishes for Ruby's Residents
Senior center residents living on tight budgets are not able to afford some basic needs let along simple pleasures.  Ruby Kate, 12 year old founder of Three Wishes for Ruby's Residents, saw this first hand when accompanying her mother, an aid at a local senior center, to work.  Ruby met one resident who had to give up her dog because she couldn't afford the extra expense.  When she asked other residents what they wished for, their answers were typically quite simple; a warmer blanket, food for their pet, comfortable walking shoes.  Inspired, Ruby started her non-profit to raise money to start granting wishes!  In the organization's first year almost 2,500 wishes were fulfilled. Learn more or donate here:



Thank you for helping these young ladies as they teach us all how to make positive changes in the world around us.