My Goat Adventure - Adventures with Anne

Goats are Trending! 

My mid-life crisis was that I wanted a goat farm.  Why?   I just got fascinated by this new breed of fiber goats, called Pygora.  They are a registered breed that is a mix of Angora goats (think mohair) and pygmy goats (think cashmere).   I now have a little land, 4 goats, 2 cats, and a son living on “the farm” with his dog and chickens!  We’ve quickly gotten to know our country neighbors, and they are teaching us.  

I recently attended my first registered Pygora breeders show in Cresco, Iowa.  It was the sweetest event.  Goat people are wonderful!  Fiber goats live a long time, about 12-15 years, and these people love their goats.  I don’t have breeding stock, so I couldn’t compete -- except in the fiber category. I was pleased to get 2nd place for both my fleeces.  Next time I'll take more care and be sure to take out more of what they call “VM” vegetable matter.      

I was even more pleased to make my first fleece sale to a spinner from the arty town of Decorah, Iowa.  She called me back the next morning to say how beautiful it was to work with, and she wanted to buy the whole bag from my favorite goat, Petar.  Pygora fleece is super soft, light and warm.  It is often blended with other fibers, like sheep wool, to add lustre and strength.       

Heidi and Petar came along as demonstration goats.  I packed them into my Honda Fit and they were as good as gold for 5 hour round trip.  Petar stood up the whole way home looking intelligently out the windows, while Heidi napped.  I wonder what he was thinking... 

Goats are certainly keeping me active on the farm on the weekends.  I’m wearing all my old Juno’s; from warm winter layering pieces to cool QuikLite tops.  On  the farm, I treasure their easy care and durability.    

Goats are always curious and friendly.  While my goats are a bit too large for goat yoga, they seem to like it when I sing to them.  They also enjoy when guests stop by to say hello.  When I have more time, I plan to train them to walk nicely on their leashes, and perhaps teach them a few tricks.  More to come.... 

If you’re interested in pygora goats or goat fiber you can certainly contact me at I always love to “talk goat”.


Anne Kelly