Hiking - it’s for YOU! -CONTEST ALERT-

The word "hiking" can intimidate.  Visions of steep and rocky mountain trails can stop the newbie before they even give it a chance!  

Think of hiking as just a walk in the woods.  And it is!  Your focus is to enjoy moving your body through nature, to let it sink into your soul.  Breathe deeply, stop often, notice much, and let go of whatever you need to in order to take a mental vacation.  Come back refreshed.  


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A few hiking tips:

  • Just start.  Find a little park near your home and just go!  Sit and notice.  Walk a bit.  Take a friend if you like, or revel in the quiet.  
  • Do it often.  A little hike often is better than a big hike done rarely.
  • Start small and find good shoes.  Boots aren’t needed for most hikes, but find shoes or boots you love as they will make your treks more enjoyable.  Plan for mud.    
  • Rain does fall into our lives, and it’s true on the trail as well.  Find a comfy jacket with a hood that you can tie around your waist when the sun comes out.  We recommend our Hiking and Travel Jacket!
  • Snacks and water!  Once you get going, we bet you'll surprise yourself and will want to keep walking! We recommend to bring along enough water and some snacks! That boost of energy feels great. 
  • Be safe and sensible.  Don’t wear earbuds.  Stay alert, and enjoy the sounds of nature. Worried about balance or knees?  Try collapsible and adjustable hiking poles. Let someone know where you are and when you’ll be back and take your phone in case of emergency. If you are concerned, take a dog, or an air horn, and consider pepper spray.  Remember to always lock your car. 
  • Feed your soul while you hike.  Like birds?  Bring binoculars and a bird guidebook.  Enjoy bird songs?  There’s an app for that!  Try drawing.  Bring a little sketchbook and get up close and personal with a flower or a bug.   Musical?  Compose a new melody and record it on your phone.  Even the most practical of us will find a reason to write a little poetry.  Start with a hiking haiku or a limerick.  
  • Remember the hat and sunscreen, lip protection, and perhaps bug spray. 
  • Feet that are not used to walking directly on the earth may be a little tired.  Ice them down after and enjoy the memories!

Be sure to tag #activeinjuno in all of your hiking excursions! We can't wait to see you on the trails!


Enter to win a FREE item from our NEW Hiking Collection! 
Now through May 12!


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