In the Details: Our long-lasting swimwear fabrics and why our customers are obsessed

by Anne Kelly January 08, 2018 3 min read

In the Details: Our long-lasting swimwear fabrics and why our customers are obsessed

As one of the few retailers that craft high performance and long-lasting swimwear for plus-size swimmers and athletes, we put a lot of time and energy into designing pieces that fit and function perfectly with curvy bodies.

AquaSport Plus Size Swimwear

Perfect for daily or weekly swimmers in chlorinated pools.

AquaSport is our high-performance swim fabric made with all polyester and designed for folks who swim in chlorinated pools. Since polyester fabrics won’t fade in chlorine like other swimsuit materials, your suit will hold up longer than cheaper suits, even through daily trips to the pool.

Many budget swimsuits contain some blend of Lycra, which breaks down over time when exposed to too much chlorine.  It also causes your suit to lose its shape and its ability to offer support and shaping to your body. Not only is that a bummer when you’re looking for a suit to last a couple of years, but it’s also rough on our environment when you have to throw away suits after just one season. Our customers have written over the years saying their AquaSport suits have last 5+ years through daily and weekly chlorinated pool use.

“I just ordered my third Aquatard in many years—I literally wear them out but it takes multi-week use in a pool and years to do so.” —Julie 


AquaCurve and AquaChic Plus Size Swimwear

Perfect for casual swimmers and vacationers.

AquaCurve and AquaChic fabrics both use the same blend of nylon with Lycra Xtra Life. The Lycra Xtra Life fabric greatly extends the life of these suits, while still offering a healthy amount of stretch, compression ( helps with muscle fatigue) and more support than our AquaSport fabric.

Plus Size Swimwear Design Details

We take a lot into consideration when designing our swimwear for plus-size bodies. Unlike other brands who might “size up” all their plus-size offerings by just adding fabric to their “straight” size designs, we work with plus size fit models to make sure our pieces fit your body in all the right ways. Here are a few details we put into our plus size swimwear that help with fit and function:

  1. We use a conservative leg opening so that the suit stays put and doesn’t slide up.
  2. Many of our swimsuits have a higher neckline so that you avoid scooping up water while swimming.
  3. Wide shoulder straps help prevent digging and give you better support for your chest.
  4. The internal shelf bra in the front and back adds extra support for your chest.
  5. Our zip-front Aquatards make getting in and out of the suit easy. They also have an extra layer of power mesh in the front bra for added support that creates a mastectomy-friendly pocket.
  6. Our swim bottoms are designed so that the waistband reaches the belly button and smoothes out the lower belly.

Plus Size Swimsuit Recommendations

Plus Size Athletes

  1. AquaCurve Aquatard


  2. AquaSport Aquatard with Brushstrokes (available as a pre-order)


Casual Plus Size Swimmers 

  1. AquaCurve Tanksuit

tank suit

Plus Size Vacation Swimsuits

  1. AquaCurve Swim Dress

    swim dress

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