In the Details: Our UltraKnit Cotton Blend Fabric is a Hit With Plus Size Women

In the Details is a series where we dive deep into design details at JunoActive. Thoughtful design and durable fabrics are at the core of our design process. Here we explore the extra effort we put into our plus-size activewear, swimwear, and underwear to make them as comfortable, functional, and long-lasting as possible for the modern plus-size woman.

Meet our UltraKnit fabric. UltraKnit—proudly made 100% in the USA—is the perfect fabric for those of you looking for a thicker cotton blend to wear as a basic on its own or while exercising. It’s made with 92% cotton and 8% Spandex that keeps just the right amount of stretch in the fabric. That means no-cling, no saggy knees and little wrinkling from everyday wear.

Thicker fabrics like UltraKnit are the perfect solution for plus-size women in search of a heavier fabrics that smooth lumps and bumps while flattering their curves. There’s also no chance of stretching this fabric so thin while you move that it becomes transparent, which is great news for all our yogis!

The UltraKnit fabric also holds up after many washes and will last you many seasons of wear, because we put a lot of thought and care into our fabric choices. Not only because we’re paying attention to style and fit for the modern plus size woman, but because better fabrics mean you’ll be wearing each JunoActive piece much longer than any fast-fashion counterparts. What’s better for you is also better for our environment, and we keep this in mind with all our fabric choices and designs.

“This is really nice and fits so well. This is better that ALL previous leggings that I have purchased before and I thought those were great. In fact I will probably order more of these.” —An UltraKnit leggings fan

Here are some of our most popular UltraKnit styles:

UltraKnit Plus-Size Pear Pant

Bottom half of plus size woman wearing black JunoActive plus size Pear Pant.
UltraKnit Pear Pant by JunoActive, $60

The UltraKnit Pear Pant is one of our most popular UltraKnit styles because we offer them in a range of lengths: Petite, Average, and Tall. The design offers great tailoring options for women of all heights with pear shapes. The thick fabric smoothes out any lumps and bumps that may be visible in a thinner pant.

This style often sells out quickly, as customers love scooping up multiples of these in different colors when they’re in stock.

UltraKnit Loose Fit Plus Size Leggings

Bottom half of plus size woman wearing black, UltraKnit Loose Fit Plus Size Leggings by JunoActive.
UltraKnit Loose Fit Leggings, $49.95

Our UltraKnit Loose Fit Leggings are another popular Ultraknit style. If you like leggings but need a break from tight fabric around your legs, these are the perfect option. They’re cling-free and great for folks with wider calves. These are also available in Petite, Average, and Tall.

UltraKnit Slash Plus Size Pocket Pant

Bottom half of plus size woman wearing black UltraKnit Slash Pocket Pant by JunoActive.
UltraKnit Slash Pocket Pant, $59.95

The UltraKnit Slash Pocket Pant is the best pant for pocket lovers. Available in Petite, Average, and Tall sizes, this pant is great for outdoor activities like walking or jogging when you don’t want to carry a bag or purse. The looser fit is great for casual wear, and the thick UltraKnit fabric will smooth over the appearance of lumps and bumps.

Junonia Classics

Our Junonia Classics collection also uses our UltraKnit fabric. This collection is a throwback to our catalog days, because we have so many customers requesting designs from that era. These tops are well structured, and have subtle visual details. Here are some of our favorite tops:

Junonia Classic Long Sleeve Top

Top half of plus size woman wearing black Junonia Classics Plus Size Long Sleeve Top by JunoActive.
Junonia Classics Long Sleeve Top, $69.95

The Junonia Classics Long Sleeve top sports a nice v-neck that will help you regulate warmth.

Junonia Classics Center Seam Top


Top half of plus size woman wearing black, Junonia Classics Center Seam Tunic by JunoActive.
Junonia Classics Center Seam Tunic, $69.95

The Junonia Classics Center Seam Tunic is a customer favorite. The center seam creates a nice vertical line that lengthens your look and adds subtle flair to this classic top.

Junonia Classics Pieced 3/4 Sleeve


Top half of plus size woman wearing black, Junonia Classics 3/4 Sleeve top by JunoActive.
Junonia Classics Pieced 3/4 Sleeve, $69.95

The Junonia Classics Pieced 3/4 Sleeve top has a v-neck and multiple line seams pieced together to construct this creative basic.

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