JunoActive Journal | ⭐ Employee Spotlight ⭐

Behind the scenes at JunoActive is a relatively small group of passionate, fun people working hard fulfilling our mission of “Empowering plus size women to define their Active. Life. Style.” Stay tuned to our monthly updates as we introduce you to the fantastic cast and crew of JunoActive!

 JunoActive Employee Spotlight - Founder and President Anne Kelley. Picture of Anne and her mom.

"My favorite product lately, has been the Stretch Naturals Side Pocket Loose Fit Leggings–they are my happy pants! I have a drawer full of them because I wear them almost every day. I'm also becoming a fan of the jogger version of these pants!"
Check out Anne's Favorite JunoActive product here! 


JunoActive Employee Spotlight Jackie. Director of Sales and Marketing. Photo features Jackie with her husband and two daughters. Copy shares Jackies favorite JunoActive product the SoftWik Short Sleeve plus size dress with pockets. *My first job was: Babysitting the neighborhood kids and lifeguard. *An interesting fact about me is: Yikes…not sure anything is that interesting, but my kids can’t imagine I had a life of swimming with sharks and skydiving adventures before I became their boring mom. 😊 *Three hashtags that best describe me: #LittleRedEngine #AlwaysAnOpinion #LoveToLaugh *My happy place is anywhere my husband and daughters are.

"My favorite JunoActive Product is the SoftWik Short Sleeve Dress with Pockets. I love the amazing versatility of this dress! You can use it as a stylish swimming suit cover up, or pair it with your favorite sandals and head to brunch with friends. Tons of colors to pick from, super soft wicking fabric, side pockets…seriously, what’s not to love?!"
Check out Jackie's Favorite JunoActive product here! 

JunoActive Plus Size Clothing supplier features JunoActive Journal, Employee Spotlight for Marie, Warehouse Support staff. There is a picture of her favorite lake view and 5 bullet points to "get to know" Marie.

"I don’t have just one favorite Juno product. I am impressed by the steady stream of new clothing with a focus on fresh ideas, fashion, colors and fabrics. More women are wearing leggings and comfortable fit clothing as a staple in their wardrobe. It is fantastic to see that Juno has many high quality choices."
Marie loves our fresh ideas! Check out JunoActive new arrivals here! 

JunoActive News | Employee Spotlight featuring Renae, Technical Designer. JunoActive Plus Size Women's Clothing size XL-6X.

"My favorite product is the Hush Boxer because it can act like a slip short to prevent chafing under skirts, it’s great for sleeping in, and I also wear it around the house in the summer when it’s hot."
Check out Renae's favorite JunoActive product here!


JunoActive Journal. Monthly employee spotlight featuring the social media specialist.

"My favorite JunoActive product is the Stretch Naturals Lite Short Sleeve Scoop Neck Top. It’s the perfect classic tee. I love the weight and length. The fabric washes well and does not shrink or twist. It’ll last for years!" 
Check out Stephanie's favorite product here! 


Employee Spotlight for Jill Plus Size Fit Model. A picture of Jill climbing in a mountainous area wearing JunoActive Plus Size Activewear for women size XL - 6X.

"My favorite product is the Stretch Naturals Side Pocket Loose Fit Leggings. They are so comfortable to lounge around the house yet look nice enough to wear out to restaurants, and shopping."
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JunoActive Plus Size Activewear. Employee Spotlight.

"I love SO many JunoActive products that are staples in my wardrobe. The SoftWik line of fabrics has been my favorite! I do adore one of our newer products; the Comfort Support Zip Front Plus Size Sports Bra. Such a smart design and I love the thick adjustable straps."
Checkout Jenny's favorite product here! 


 JunoActive Employee Spotlight_Jen

"I have many favorites (including a few “retired” products which I am trying to bring back!!). My most current favorites are the JunoStretch Side Pocket Leggings and the Stretch Naturals Crossback Bra."
Checkout Jen's favorite leggings here!  
JunoActive Plus Size Apparel. Employee Spotlight image for our merchandise manager, Paige.
"I can't pick just one favorite product. However, I do love our MaVie Cotton collection. They are the perfect transition pieces for Fall!"