Plus Size Swimwear Essentials

Our AquaCurve™ and AquaChic™ plus-size swimwear collections are in full force this summer, and we’re absolutely in love with how these suits feel, look and fit! Our two brand-new plus size swimwear lines were released earlier this summer and we still can’t get enough of them. We think you’ll love them too—after all, it’s never too late to grab that perfectly sleek aquatard, functional yet fashionable swim shorts, or a bold and sassy suit for your gorgeous self. Find your next favorite swimsuit below. 

Plus size woman wearing a pink JunoActive plus size swimdress. The background is a resort pool.

1. AquaCurve™ Plus Size Swim Dress

Need a timeless swimwear piece that’s durable enough to maintain shape throughout the seasons? Please meet the AquaCurve Swim Dress, a classic one-piece plus-size swimsuit dress that doubles a seriously cute outfit in and out of the water. As one of our best-sellers, this swim dress is crafted to move with your curves, made with our Italian fabric blend for a comfortable compression that reduces muscle fatigue, keeps jiggles in place, and protects your skin with chlorine resistant material. This is definitely one of our most versatile suits: Designed to give you the support, coverage and confidence while you’re swimming laps or sipping drinks by the pool. Even better—you can ditch your cover-up with this plus size swimsuit since it’s a swim dress that looks like an actual dress. Find your size here!

Plus size woman wearing a pink and black JunoActive plus size Aquatard.  the background is a beach.

2. AquaCurve™ Plus Size Aquatard

Calling all athletes, swimmers, surfers, paddlers, rowers, water sporters: The AquaCurve Aquatard lets you have it all. From the full inner shelf bra and the elongated shorts, to the classic racerback-style support straps, we crafted this swimsuit for the unstoppable waterwoman in you. The last thing you want to happen after you dive, swim, ski or just hang out in the water is constantly feeling like you have to adjust yourself, and generally feeling uncomfortable in the swimsuit you’re in. The Aquatard lets you forget about all of that thanks to its combination of sleek, compression Italian fabric and our durable Xtra Life lycra fabric blend. The longer shorts stay put under pressure and its convenient front zipper eliminates the opportunity for any surprise slips, keeping you covered no matter the size of the wave or how you dive off the board. This might be why our plus size Aquatard (available in XL to 6X) is one of our all-time best sellers.

bottom half of plus size woman wearing a black JunoActive AquaCurve swim short.

3. AquaCurve™ Plus Size Swim Short

Say goodbye to swimsuit malfunctions, unwanted lumps and sand in the wrong places—the AquaCurve Swim Short is ideal for any and all your water activities. Our plus size swim shorts cut off just above the knee for confident coverage, and they’re designed with quick-drying material that protects your skin—and the shorts—from harsh chlorine chemicals. Perfect for hanging out around the lake, swimming laps at the pool or riding waves in the ocean, these shorts are are both functional for water sports and fashionable, so mixing and matching is easy with our plus size swimsuit tops, tanks and tees. Order your pair here.

Bottom half of plus size woman wearing gray JunoActive plus size AquaCurve swim capris.

4. AquaCurve™ Plus Size Swim Capris

Our plus size AquaCurve™ swim capris provide the ultimate coverage and swimsuit feel for swimmers, beach-goers and watersporters alike. Great for both the athletic fashionista who loves playing in the water, or for the chic sunbather in it for lounging by the lake or pool, these swim capris are a must-have swimsuit wardrobe piece for any level of water-based fun. Made with our durable Xtra-Life Lycra fabric for comfortable compression and chlorine protection, these capris are sure to last throughout the seasons. Find your pair here!

Plus size woman wearing a color blocked yellow, blue and pink, JunoActive plus size one-piece tank suit. The background is ocean waves.

5. AquaCurve™ Plus Size One-Piece Tank Suit

Our brightest, boldest and flattering plus size one-piece swimsuit is made for summer! If the sunny, popping colors didn’t catch your eye already, its complementary side body tailoring definitely will—it’s what makes this swimsuit one of our line’s most popular picks. Designed for women and folks who are tall or have long torsos, this suit offers a better fit than typical one-pieces. Take a dip in the lake, a lap in the pool or catch some rays in the sun. No matter what you’re up to this summer, this plus size one-piece bathing suit is durable and can handle it all. The AquaCurve™ swimsuit dries quickly thanks to our Lycra fabric, which is structured to keep you in place and tucked in, even for long periods of time. Feel your best in the long torso Tank Suit Tall swimsuit.