Press Release: 73% of Plus-Size Women Reveal Physical Injuries Led to Sedentary Lifestyles

by Allison Prescott February 12, 2018 2 min read

Press Release: 73% of Plus-Size Women Reveal Physical Injuries Led to Sedentary Lifestyles


February 12, 2018
Contact: Katharine Bolin
Public Relations Director       

Survey: 73% of Plus-Size Women Reveal Physical Injuries Led to Sedentary Lifestyles

MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. — Activewear brand JunoActive surveyed its plus-size customer base and discovered that73% of respondents reported experiencing a physical injury that led to a sedentary lifestyle.

The survey, sent to JunoActive’s mailing list subscribers, blog followers, and social media followers, garnered over 750 responses from their female plus-size customer base. When asked what helped them recover, the top responses were physical therapy, exercise, and swimming.

“I had chronic back pain that got increasingly worse with each passing year until 2015 when I could no longer walk or stand for extended periods of time,” said Jennifer Amoako, a holistic lifestyle ambassador and participant in JunoActive’s blog series #ThisIsActive. “It negatively impacted my quality of life. As I became more sedentary due to pain, I gained more weight which further aggravated my back. It was a vicious cycle.”

After years of repeating the oft used statistic that 67% of American women wear a size 14 and up, JunoActive decided it was time to deliver a new statistic that dives deeper into the “why.”

Another noteworthy statistic from the survey revealed that62% of plus-size women who participated in our poll reported exercising 3-7 days per week.

“Our customers know the value added to their lives by being active, and want to see the myth busted that they are lazy and unmotivated, because they are some of the most active people out there,” said JunoActive president and founder Anne Kelly.

JunoActive’s #ThisIsActive campaign

JunoActive’s #ThisIsActive campaign aims to combat the mainstream media’s portrayal of what it looks like to live an active lifestyle. Blog interviews with plus-size trainers, fitness instructors, and customers have put a spotlight on the women leading the cultural shift around the U.S. and world. If you’re interested in participating in an interview, please email 

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