Reduce the Rub: 3 Tips To Help Plus-Size Women Stay Chafe-Free

by Anne Kelly August 02, 2019 2 min read

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We love summer for more reasons than we can count -- however these hotter months can bring some wardrobe challenges for the plus-size woman. 
It's the dreaded chafe. 
It has other names that are not so body positive, so we will leave those out, but when that added hot weather brings sweat and skin friction --  the result can be downright painful. Let’s face it, the more curves you have, the more this can be an issue, so plus-size women need different wardrobe solutions.
Here are a few tips to help reduce the rub.
1. Choose your fabrics wisely
Wet skin makes chafing worse. Moisture-wicking fabrics are key to reducing chafe. Your pants, your tops, even your underwear and bra -- choose fabrics that are designed to pull moisture away from the skin.
Typically synthetic fabrics are best for this. At JunoActive, our plus-size activewearis engineered to move with you. Our QuikWik fabric, made of 90% Micropolyester 10% Spandex, provides great stretch and movement, and keeps you dry by wicking moisture away from skin. Our plus-size capris pants come in sizes XL to 6X and are a must have staple for working out in these hotter months.
Also look for products without seams and tags that can irritate skin, and sports bras with arm holes cut wider to avoid underarm chafe.
2. Find plus-size underwear that prevents chafe
Your thighs and groin area can be particularly susceptible to the friction that causes that painful rash. Adding a light layer underneath your dresses or skirt can help.
Our Junowear® Hush boxer brief is a great example. It’s made from a high-tech fabric that is silk works to wick away moisture, helping to keep skin dry. The fitted style moves with you, without bulk or bunching.
3. Treat your skin well
It’s the largest organ you have, so if you do have some chafing take time to let yourself heal. Take a break from fitness activities that cause continued friction, which will only make it worse.
Wear some softer, more loose-fitting clothing that will give your skin a break. Our SoftWik long capri with pockets is made of our most comfortable and soft performance fabric that is lightweight, but tailored not to look bunchy or baggy.

Gently clean affected skin and keep it moisturized to prevent infection. If the rash is more severe, a medicated ointment may be necessary.

And finally and most importantly, remember to continue to love the skin you’re in. 

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