A Gift from Anne | JunoActive Founder & President

Dear Friend,

As the world seems to spin faster and faster, let’s all remember the importance of reaching out to friends and family and enjoying the benefits of connecting. Sadly, social isolation and loneliness have become an epidemic in the United States. Thankfully, leaders across the country are beginning to take action; most recently, the state of New York appointed  Dr. Ruth, the state’s first Loneliness Ambassador, to help people feel less lonely.

several hands holding on to one another to form a ring with text inside the circle reading: The stronger our sense of belonging, the stronger our well-being". JunoActive designs and manufactures Plus Size Clothing exclusively for women size XL - 6X.

Let’s unite and join Dr. Ruth’s greater connectedness and happiness goals! At JunoActive we believe in the power of being active – especially with others. There is so much joy in being active together; the active community is one bridge between loneliness and belonging.

The stronger our sense of belonging, the stronger our well-being. Let’s hike with that young person returning from COVID-19 isolation. Wheel an elder around their neighborhood. Plant flowers with a community group this spring. Walk with that friend you’ve been thinking about. Join an aqua class or pickleball group. Share the joy!

🧡We want to share a little joy with you, too! 

Please use your one-use-per-customer gift code by January 2, 2024. 

With our deep gratitude for your support and friendship, thank you!