Fall Seasonal Self Care Tips

by Customer Service October 14, 2021 2 min read

hands holding a pink ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I’m beginning to think of this like car maintenance.  Yep, taking care of one’s body is a lot like keeping up with your car---and with no convenient check engine lights!  So how do we do it?

  1. Make it Easy.

Pick a “maintenance” month for yearly checks.  Make appointments ahead of time and don’t let them slip!  My senator, Amy Klobuchar, reported that she had missed her annual mammogram and then they found a stage 1 tumor.  They might have caught it a bit earlier if she had stayed on schedule.  The same thing happened to me.  By the time I got to it, the cancer was stage 2 and I had to go through chemo, surgery and radiation.  Take it from me—stay on plan!  (I’m fine by the way, and believe me I stay on track and use the high-density mammogram each October!  I am truly grateful.)

2. Make it Fun. 

Annual eye exam?  Get those cool new frames!   

Mammogram done?  Buy something pink – and donate an equal amount to your favorite cancer charity. Here are some pink ideas at JunoActive.com

JunoActive plus size braJunoActive plus size short sleeve topJunoActive plus size swimming suit

Been to the dentist?  Gotten your seasonal shots?  Done the colonoscopy? Meet a friend afterward for a celebratory meal!

Add an appointment for some “you” time when you set up your maintenance appointments.  A facial, new haircut, relaxing massage, or reading in the backyard hammock (my favorite).  Whatever sounds blissful to you.  You deserve it! 

Do a little shopping, just for yourself.  Shop our New Arrivals for your perfect fall wardrobe refresh!

Remember to call that loved one who worries about you the most - make their day!  Let them know you are staying on track and that you are fine!   

3. Shake it Up!  Fun Ideas for Moving.

I'll admit it, I'm lazy.  I do better with someone at the front of a room telling me what to do so I don’t have to think.  That's why I pay for workout classes with a trainer and classmates.  For me, that's what works.  You may find a brisk walk once or twice a day is perfect for you.  Invite a friend to make it more fun, and more likely both of you will keep walking!  

We all get into ruts, so schedule a “shake it up” week.  Schedule that intro to yoga class or ballroom dancing lessons. Need some other ideas?  How about scuba certification, archery, wall climbing, spinning, disc golf, the options are endless!  Take the kids, take a friend, do it with family at the holidays. 

Move and help others at the same time.  Walk an elder’s dog, clean someone’s house, join a community clean up, sponsor a water grate and keep it free of leaves.  It’s great exercise and good for the soul.   

Let us know what you are trying! Tag #thisisactive on your social media posts or email a photo to media@junoactive.com.

Have fun!

Anne Kelly and the JunoActive Team

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