Softwik: Your Go to Plus Size Tee

Do you have that “go-to” tee in your drawer? You know,  the one you put on as soon as it’s out of the dryer. The one that never even makes it to the dresser drawer.  Maybe it’s an old tee that’s been worn so well it’s the perfect soft? 

Well, move over old college tee.

For us, the best plus size tee (we think, in the whole world, but we’re biased) is our SoftWik® Basic V-Neck Tee. So here’s why:

What’s in a Name?

Ok, so SoftWik...let’s break it down. 

The word begins with Soft: Hopefully that’s self explanatory as far as fabric goes, but in the words of our customer Phillip A.:

“No actual words to describe how nice these shirts are. Wear well, wash well and feel fantastic.”

Thanks Phillip. We’re going to try.  We think soft is an understatement. These shirts are made from a blend of polyester and spandex, which means they are lightweight and comfy, with an incredible stretch. 

As for the Wik...this blend of fabric is breathable and quick drying. Whether you’re running a 5K or running after the kids, your delicate skin is safe from chafing and the dreaded pit out. 

Like all our plus size activewear, this tee is designed to move with your active lifestyle, whatever that looks like.

Full Cut Flattery

The best fitting tees hug your body in the right places. This awesome v-neck accentuates the neck and is cut full with comfortable short sleeve, helping it transition well for the gym or work. 

It’s designed with just the right length with flattering coverage, increasing .5" for each size up from 1X. Our plus size shirts are made to 6X.

It also comes in a ton of amazing colors. We think you’ll want more than one, like our customer Shelli M.

“I love this shirt so much that I own 6! They are perfect for working out or for wearing with jeans. It’s dressier than a t-shirt. They wash and wear beautifully, fit to size and are soooo soft. I love them!”

And if that wasn’t enough, our SoftWik fabric comes in plus size tees, pants, dresses, and more. Plus size clothing never felt so good.