On the Subject of Sparking Joy for an Active Lifestyle

When it comes to mastering your home, the Konmarie method is taking over the internet. We wonder, can you Konmarie your attitude toward fitness and healthy lifestyle? Let's see some ways to spark joy around your goals for an active lifestyle and let go of what doesn't.

On the Subject of Sparking Joy

by Christie Denson

Anyone else obsessively watching Marie Kondo on Netflix? Her tidying philosophy of finding what "sparks joy" and letting go of what doesn't has implications beyond your resolution for a clutter free home. 

So, let’s take inventory. Where are you with the healthy lifestyle resolutions you made for 2019? Are they sparking joy?

According the US News and World Report, 80% of resolutions fail by February. It goes something like this: You set an unrealistic goal and then beat yourself up for failing.  Sound familiar? 

Look, we know that what constitutes an active and healthy lifestyle, looks a little different for everyone. We’re in this together. So here’s a few positive motivation tips to help spark some joy around your new goals and help you beat the odds.

Try a “Non-Resolution” Resolution

I will eat chocolate everyday. I will take naps. I will soak in a luxurious bubble bath once a week.

I will ____________.  What’s your non-resolution, resolution?

Give your body some love and celebrate what it does for your every day. Resolve to show it gratitude and do something that will make you smile.  Negative self-talk never works in the long run, so find a way to be good to your body, spirit and soul.

Plus size woman in gym on elliptical machine wearing purple JunoActive plus size tank top.

Make a Play List

What makes you move, is it Beyonce? Bruno? Hip Hop or Country? Whatever your genre of music, find a list of tunes that will help motivate your movement.

Have an Amazon Echo? Ask Alexa to wake you up to your song every day, and dance your way out of bed.

Make an after school ritual, when your kids get off the bus have a little after school dance party, or while you’re cooking dinner. You’ll be making fun memories and moving your bootie.

Here’ s a little JunoActive playlist we curated on Spotify for you to get you going.


Two plus size women in the gym on bikes wearing JunoActive plus size activewear.

Partner Up

Research shows you are more motivated to meet your resolutions when you have someone to keep you accountable.

So if you don’t already, find a friend to join you on a similar goal. Find a walking buddy, or someone to meet for a healthy lunch or join a like-minded Facebook group and comment and share regularly. Follow ours on Facebook if you want a great community of plus size women who are living an active lifestyle. 

You’ll be more invested and more likely to keep it up.

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The bottom line is to celebrate your amazing body of yours. Set small, reasonable goals and celebrate when you achieve them. Stay focused on positivity, so you won’t fall back into a cycle of negative self-talk.

Everybody — that is every BODY deserves love and gratitude everyday. This joyful attitude is how you will sustain long term change.

We’re here to support you.