#ThisIsActive Q&A with Flyover Fest, a 2-day Self-Love Event in Iowa City

by Allison Prescott April 07, 2018

#ThisIsActive Q&A with Flyover Fest, a 2-day Self-Love Event in Iowa City

Our #ThisIsActive Q+As are part of an ongoing series to show how plus size women live their active lives. Share your active life with us on social media by using #ThisIsActive on Instagram or send your story to social @ junoactive.com for a chance to be featured.

Image of Flyover Fest Iowa City for the JunoActive Blog Post

1. What is Flyover Fest?

Flyover Fest is a two-day festival that focuses on inclusion and equal representation in fashion, politics and culture. It was created to be a platform for underrepresented groups and to elevate conversation and critical ideas around making our society more inclusive.

2. What inspired you to launch Flyover Fest (formerly known as Iowa Fashion Project)?

Iowa Fashion Project was an effort to elevate and connect Iowa’s fashion community. We were able to produce large fashion events and a festival. But we fell into presenting fashion in a very conventional way. And our team felt strongly that we as a company need to be different and make a difference.

3. Why is inclusivity in fashion important?

Our company is built on the idea that everyone deserves to see themselves represented positively and affirmatively. Everyone deserves to see their humanity and dignity acknowleged and affirmed. To the extant that that is not the case, we want Flyover to be a company that is working to change that.

Image of Flyover Fest Iowa City for the JunoActive Blog Post

4. What’s one myth you’d like to see broken in 2018?

Any myth that prevents you from loving yourself as you are.

5. Who are some of the speakers, and why did you choose them for the 2018 flyover fest?

Flyover Fest truly does have an exciting lineup of artists, performers, and speakers. Attendees will be able to hear from folks like:
Paola Mendoza (Co-Founder of the Women’s March)
Hannah Beachler (Production Designer for Black Panther)
Corissa Enneking (Fat Girl Flow)
Momo Pixel (Arti Director and Video Game Creator)
A live podcast taping of She’s All Fat
Watch the documentary Fatittude
See Cupcakke perform live

There’s a lot of programming over the course of the two days. What we hope is that by the end of the festival people feel empowered and connected to a broader community of people that share the same values.

6. Who is Flyover Fest for?

Flyover Fest is for anyone who care about inclusion and representation. And that cares about building inclusive communities and spaces in the Midwest.

7. Where can we buy tickets?

You can find more information on our lineup, tickets and the mission of the festival at www.helloflyover.com. You can also email us at info@helloflyover.com with any questions.

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Allison Prescott
Allison Prescott

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