#ThisisActive Q&A with Jill Erickson-- Plus size fit model and recent knee replacement patient

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Injuries happen, and sometimes they can limit your ability to be active. We found encouragement from JunoActive friend and plus size fit model, Jill Erickson, who recently underwent surgery for a double knee replacement.

In her own words, Jill shares how the comfort and ease of JunoActive's plus size activewear helped her in the hospital, during her physical therapy, and most importantly now that she’s back doing one of her favorite activities -- walking her dog.

Q. Jill, tell us a little about yourself

A. Hi my name is Jill Erickson, I am a JunoActive fit model. I have had the privilege of being a fit model for the last 5 years. I have enjoyed wearing JunoActive for many activities like biking, walking, Zumba, yoga, triathlons, traveling, attending my kids’ sporting events and so many other of my life’s events.

In February 2019 my life changed. I received doubled knee replacement surgery. I was terrified! Everyone I talked to said ‘Are you crazy? I did one knee and it was the most painful awful thing I ever did, how are you going to do two?’ Bilateral knee replacements are uncommon for my doctor however, I wanted to get them done at the same time and be done. I didn’t have a good knee to balance on anyway while the other one was healing. He agreed.

Q. How did your knee injuries impact your ability to get out and be active?

A. Before my surgery, I spent the entire year basically sitting on my couch in severe pain. Even grocery shopping would almost put me in tears. I could barely make a meal without being in so much pain I needed to sit down. I didn’t take my dog for a walk for a whole year. Every step I took felt like knives going through my knees.

Q. What helped you make the decision to get knee replacement surgery?

A. My 17-year-old daughter said, Mom, you have been in so much pain for the past year, how much more can it hurt?” She was right. February 11, 2019 I was given my life back. I had the surgery, and everything went great! The next day I was told I had to get up and go to rehab. I was definitely scared but I got up and got dressed I put on my SoftWik top and my loose fit leggings and headed down to the therapy gym.

Q. Obviously we know you’re a fan of JunoActive, but explain how you used our clothes in the hospital?

A. I was in the hospital for 3 days and all I wore was my JunoActive activewear. It was so comfortable and easy to move in. It was easy to get on and off as well as so comfortable to sit in all day. I was able to go home on the 3rd day without crutches or a walker, I felt like a new person. My new knees were stiff and I moved a little slow but I for the first time in a year didn’t have pain when I walked. I had almost full range of motion before I left the hospital in just 3 days.

Q. How did JunoActive plus size activewear help you with physical therapy as you recovered?

A. I had a physical therapist come to my house twice a week for two weeks and then went to outpatient physical therapy twice a week for another month. I have basically lived in all my Juno activewear. My Stretch Naturals bra tops are the first things I put on in the morning then my Softwik tops and either my UltraKnit Loose Fit Leggings or my QuikWik Leggings. They are all perfect for going to therapy as well as running errands afterwards.

Also for the days I’m at home I wear my Juno activewear so I can continue to do my exercises as well as be comfortable.

Q. How are you feeling now?

A.  I am now able to take my dog for a walk everyday. We are up to a mile and it’s only been 5 weeks! I love my Juno top with the pocket -- it’s perfect for my phone so I can listen to music while we walk. I’m just so thankful to have my life back again.

It’s going to be a great 2019!

JunoActive plus size fit model Jill Erickson walking a dog.