#ThisIsActive Q&A with Joy Tribble, founder of the Plus Strut, North America’s first 5k exclusively for plus-size women

Woman wearing a JunoActive plus-size tee for the Plus Strut
Joy Tribble, @justynjoy

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About Joy Tribble, founder of the Plus Strut™

As a morning drive radio personality and a traffic announcer during afternoon drive in Atlanta, GA, Joy Tribble aka “Justyn Joy” has always been know for having a bright spirit and an infectious personality. With 15+ years in marketing and special event planning, she’s launching the first 5K for plus-size women in North America called The Plus Strut™.

For more information on The Plus Strut™ 5K, head to theplusstrut.com or follow on all social platforms @plusstrut. It’s the curviest 5K on the planet! #STRUTYOURPLUS

What inspired you to start The Plus Strut™ 5K?

I asked myself…WHY NOT?! Sure, there are several running events that occur throughout the country all the time, and plus-size women do them, but how incredible would it be, to see a street full of plus-size women, taking over and owning that moment?! It was equally important, to create community and that feeling of connection, and unity. There’s something really powerful about taking on a challenge, or possibly being apprehensive about a new adventure, but deciding to do it anyway. Seeing other people that not only look like you, but understand the journey that you’re on…it’s priceless! THAT is The Plus Strut™ 5K!

Why is it important to have a 5k just for plus-size women?

It allows us to own our narrative and the conversation. The plus community has often been seen as incapable, or unable to do many athletic activities. We’ve been judged, based on our size, and have been counted out, based on mainstream media bias. Doing this event and others like it, allows us to tell OUR story…our WAY.

Plus size woman wearing a JunoActive tee for the Plus Strut
Nzinga Imani, @nzingaimani

What myths would you like to see busted about plus-size women or plus-size folks in general?

That we can do whatever we set our minds to do. We can and do find love, we have good jobs, we have people that love us, and we’re just like you. We aren’t sad people, with uber low self-esteem that don’t have friends…we’re not wallflowers. People aren’t embarrassed to be with or around us. It’s actually quite the opposite. We’re vibrant, smart, focused, stylish, trendy, fun, with tremendous personalities. Being plus-size also doesn’t mean we’re unhealthy, our body composition is just different. You can be a “straight size” person, and suffer elements, so making assumptions, are often misleading, and more importantly, untrue.

How would you like to see the mainstream media represent active plus-size women?

MORE! I’d like to see more plus-size women on television, in magazines, and not just featured as someone who’s lost a certain amount of weight. If weight loss is a goal, due to a health-related issue, or simply because you want to, I’m all for it. But I’d love for plus-size women to be celebrated for who they are, where the are, and as they are, because most of the time we’re happy!

Who are some plus-size athletes you see as leading change for body diversity in sports?

Currently my favorites are Jessamyn Stanley, Brandi Mallory (Dance your Pounds Off), Roz the Diva, and Kimberly of Lipstick and Fit.

Plus size woman wearing a JunoActive tee for the Plus Strut 5k walk and run
Kimberly Bradley, @lipsticknfit

When is The Plus Strut, where will it be held, who is it for, and how can people sign up?

The Plus Strut is happy to announce that the 1st 5K for plus size women, is Saturday, May 5th at Chastain Park, in Atlanta, GA. People can sign up at www.theplusstrut.com. This event is for all plus-size women, size 14 and up. We’ve been asked about our size preference, but it wouldn’t be the first 5K for PLUS size women if we didn’t specify.

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