#ThisIsActive Q&A with Ramona, healthcare professional and new yogi

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Ramona is a healthcare professional and currently lives and works in Northern Virginia. She enjoys quality time with her daughter and son-in-law, socializing, and good coffee. She likes exploring other cultures through reading, foreign television, and local events.

1. Why did you start practicing yoga, and what inspired you to take a new class?

My day to day can be pretty stressful. I work as an Office Manager for a small medical practice with a morning and evening commute that takes more than an hour each way. The routine is demanding and very consuming. I had to find a work/life balance! The popularity of Yoga piqued my interest, but I needed to know more about it.

Learning that it is a discipline in which I can incorporate my prayer/meditation time. I can exercise and increase my mental and physical awareness while allowing me to relax and de-stress. I knew this would be more beneficial to me than a gym membership! However, I admit the thought of being able to physically meet the demand of properly achieving the different poses was very daunting.

Back in September my daughter and I attended Pineapple Camp, a 1-day women’s event. Our schedule included a 1 hour session of Vinyasa Yoga. Albeit with a few limitations, I was able to complete the whole class. Yes, I can do this!! Now, I just have to find a class that’s right for me.

Plus size woman laying on floor stretching her leg wearing purple JunoActive plus size tee.
Photos courtesy of Ramona

2. You’re currently taking a yoga class called “My Body Don’t Bend That Way.” Can you tell us a bit about this class?

A friend told me about a studio where she was taking a class. I looked it up, and found that at PIES Fitness Yoga in Alexandria, VA there are a variety of classes to suit most anyone. “My Body Don’t Bend That Way” is one of the classes on the Beginner/Senior list. It is stated to be their “Flagship” class designed to specifically address flexibility, balance, and strength with emphasis on breathing, awareness of movement, and more. I have Asthma, so for sure this would be the right class for me.

My class meets Saturdays at 7:45am!! Marsha is a great instructor, and I’m excited about attending. And, for times when I can’t go I have the equipment needed to practice at home.

3. What other exercises have you practices throughout your life?

I’ve never had a true exercise regimen. Although, several years ago I experienced an issue with my lower back. That resulted in several months of intensive total body Physical Therapy. An 8hr/5day a week program that included the treadmill, stationary bike, UBE, free weights, and foam rollers. Re-learning the use of proper body mechanics that I still implement in my daily activity to this day. A career in healthcare has also required lots of standing and walking.

4. What has your lifelong active journey been like?

My lifelong active journey has been busyness! Being a mother, having a career, taking classes for both advancement and enrichment. Volunteering and I love socializing.

Plus size woman sitting on floor with yoga accessories wearing purple JunoActive plus size tee.
Photos courtesy of Ramona

5. What’s your favorite JunoActive piece to wear while working out?

My favorite JunoActive piece is my new “Unplug To Recharge” top in purple, my favorite color, that my daughter recently gave me!!

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