Unleash Your Story's Power: Inspire Others

Are you a plus size woman who has faced challenges but emerged stronger? Your journey matters, and we want to celebrate it! 

JunoActive is more than just a plus size clothing brand; we are a community that understands the unique experiences of the plus size woman. We are dedicated to empowering you and sharing plus size, inspirational stories that encourage resilience and confidence. 

Today we celebrate National Backward Day with a twist! Instead of walking backward, or wearing our clothes backward, we're asking you to take a moment to look back at your journeys! What adversity have you weathered to ultimately find success? By sharing your story, you will be a beacon of hope and strength to others who may be on a similar path. Let's lift each other up and create a support network that encourages body positivity, self-love, and perseverance. 

Submit your plus size inspirational story by following the link below, for possible inclusion in future blog posts that shine a light on plus size women–let's illuminate the beauty of being unstoppable in our own skin. Together we'll make our voices heard on our blog and beyond. Because every story, including yours, deserves to be celebrated.

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Please submit your story by February 29, 2024. 

If YOUR story is selected to be featured, you'll be gifted a fabulous JunoActive $200 Gift Card! 

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