[Video] Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett: The JunoActive QuikWik Leggings

Welcome to the fourth episode of our new mini web series “Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett.” Each week, Allison will try on a different JunoActive piece to describe its fit and how it will function in your everyday life. This week: our QuikWik Leggings. Watch above or read the transcript below.

(Title slide 1) Trying This On with Allison Fingerett.

(Title slide 2) QuikWik Leggings.

Allison: I’m wearing the QuikWik leggings, which—I love these leggings, they’re like a second skin. It’s a wicking fabric so when I sweat a lot, because let’s face it, workouts or not, sometimes that happens. It wicks it away, it doesn’t distract me and I don’t feel it, it’s not gross. I love the way these feel.

I also really like the color. It’s charcoal gray, they’ve got these cool seams, big fan. Another thing I really like about these leggings is that they have this high control top. I’ve definitely been working out before where something that comes up lower slides down and makes me really aware of my body and distracts me from what I’m doing. But these I really feel held in, I can go about what I’m doing, and my stomach’s not hanging out and doing all sorts of stuff.

I don’t feel them either, it’s really nice to have a pair of leggings where you don’t feel like you’re sucked in all the time. I feel that sense of comfort and control, but I don’t feel hindered in any way by them. I feel like I can be very active and sometimes I fall asleep in them because they’re so comfortable.


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