[Video] Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett: The JunoActive SoftWik Tee

Introducing our new mini web series “Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett.” Each week, Allison will try on a different JunoActive piece to describe its fit and how it will function in your everyday life. First up: our SoftWik Tee. Watch above or read the transcript below.

Allison: Hi! I’m Allison and I’m wearing the SoftWik T-shirt—wait I’m sorry (coughs, laughs)

(Title slide 1) Trying This On with Allison Fingerett.

(Title slide 2) SoftWik Basic V-Neck Tee

Allison: I’m wearing the SoftWik Tee. It feels like a warm blanket that you would get at Bed, Bath and Beyond. It allows for a bunch of moment while also feeling like a t-shirt you would wear to bed—it’s not something that you just have to wear to workout.

Allison: I love it. And I really like the color, it’s kind of that millennial pink which I’m really into. It kind of hugs your curves in the right way and can bunch out and conceal the things you don’t want hanging out there.

Allison: Big fan of this t-shirt. SoftWik. Anything SoftWik at Juno: get it. You will want to just wrap yourself in it for days. Big fan.


Shop the JunoActive SoftWik tee and more plus-size activewear, swimwear, and underwear at junoactive.com.

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