[Video] Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett: The JunoActive Stretch Naturals Long Support Tank Top

Welcome to the third episode of our new mini web series “Trying Things On with Allison Fingerett.” Each week, Allison will try on a different JunoActive piece to describe its fit and how it will function in your everyday life. This week: our Stretch Naturals Crossback Tank Top. Watch above or read the transcript below.

(Title slide 1) Trying This On with Allison Fingerett.

(Title slide 2) Stretch Naturals Crossback Tank Top.

Allison: Hi, I’m Allison, and I’m wearing the Stretch Naturals Tank Top. This is my very favorite tank top to work out in. It has a built-in bra which is supportive, it doesn’t chafe. It’s awesome.

It also has this really cute back situation, which I love and makes me feel really cute. It also has a little bit of stretch in it so it makes me feel held in.

So this is great for everything—yoga, running, and I just wear it around the house too because I love it. And it comes in really cute colors.

You know what, everyone else is wearing cute tops at the gym—I want to wear a cute top at the gym, and I feel cute at the gym in this top. Big fan, check out the Stretch Naturals Tank Top.


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