Walking in a Winter Wonderland

by Juno Active January 28, 2021 2 min read

JunoActive plus size clothing woman wearing plus size quilted parka by JunoActive

Layer Up & Enjoy - Tips to tackle the "Coolest" Season 

The weather outside might be frightful but, with the right layering pieces, outdoor activities can still be delightful. 

Take it from us Minnesotans, there’s no shortage of outdoor activities in the winter months. We recommend taking winter walks, which can be magically  peaceful, and perfect for enjoying the winter wonderland around your neighborhood or on a nearby nature trail. Grab the kids and hit the local sledding hill for some good old fashioned fun.  Whether you hit the slopes or tie on skates to practice figure eights, there’s a bevy of winter activities to choose from.  

Bonus, since your body is moving AND keeping you warm, your metabolic rate is higher, burning more calories. Win! Once you pick an activity, don’t underestimate the wardrobe. When you get dressed, think of it in three layers: 

  • Intimates:

    Don’t overlook this most important layer. Chafing and sweat aren't anybody's friends when being active. Luckily our QuikWik Bra and Briefs are made of wicking material to pull moisture away from skin, keeping you dry while aiding in temperature regulation. A good pair of wool socks should also be included in this layer to keep your toes toasty.


  • Base Layer:

    This is the layer that sits directly on most of your skin.  Focus on pieces that are comfortable and moisture wicking. We recommend you check out our SoftWik Long Sleeve Hoodie and QuikWik Leggings. Constructed to keep you warm and dry, these pieces can be layered with ease. You can always remove a layer once you warm up! 


  • Top Layer:

    Think of this outside layer as a protective shell, and focus on waterproof, breathable fabrics. Our Wind and Rain jacket is made to keep you dry and protect against the elements with its thoughtful fabrication including wrist enclosures, gusseted hood and slightly longer cut in the back. Our new SoftShell Jackets and Quilted Jackets also provide a warm outer layer without a lot of bulk. Finish with mittens, a hat and scarf to protect your extremities.

Don’t let this magical season pass you by.  Layer up, get outside and enjoy! 

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