Why Plus Size Cotton Clothing is Making a Comeback

Don’t get us wrong—we love high tech fabrics for activewear that wick moisture and keep you dry throughout intense workouts. They’re a necessity for workout classes and activities with lots of sweat.

However, cotton is still a super important exercise fabric that is making a major comeback. We’re not talking about the cotton of yore that stretches out so insanely far during one sweat session that it becomes baggy and misshapen. (Cue 90s exercise clothing when there weren’t any plus-size activewear retailers around.)

We’re talking about smart cotton—cotton that is blended with the perfect amount of Spandex so that it moves with you while also letting your body breathe. JunoActive’s cotton fabrics typically incorporate 8% Spandex, which prevents any bagging out with high activity and movement.

Our cotton styles—like our brand spankin’ new plus size cotton dresses—keep you cooler than some other synthetic fabric blends. They’re great for long-day wear because of their breathability and the fact that cotton doesn’t hold onto odors the same way synthetic fabrics do. Our cotton fabrics are also a bit thicker than other brands, making them flattering for lumps and bumps, good for your wallet, and nice on the environment.

Plus Size Cotton Picks

Here are a few of our most popular cotton styles you should try:

Stretch Naturals Dress

Stretch Naturals plus size, purple dress by JunoActive

This dress is perfect for everything from casual days at the office to super cute fall workouts (paired with leggings, of course.)

Stretch Naturals V-Neck Bra

White plus size bra top by JunoActive.

Depending on your style, this v-neck bra top can be worn solo or under your favorite activewear shirt.

UltraKnit Pear Pant in Petite, Average, and Tall sizes

Black, Ultraknit plus size pear pant by JunoActive.

One of our most popular cotton pieces because of the extra sizing options. Petite, Average, and Tall lengths mean these pants will fit your unique shape better than ever. Their thicker cotton construction mean they flatter lumps, bumps, and curves.

Designer Pick

Plus size woman wearing plus size black dress by JunoActive.

“I highly recommend the new Junonia Classics Center Seam Dress. It is crazy comfortable and has pockets.” Nothing is better than pockets. This dress is great for work, play, and activities paired with bike shorts or leggings. 

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