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For the best 4X women's activewear, you're in the right place. JunoActive's 4X plus size clothing for women fits your active lifestyle and every activity. Find 4XL hiking pants and shorts, 4X leggings for yoga, and 4X swimwear for swim aerobics or just sitting poolside with friends. You'd rather be on the water? Find 4X swim capri pants and swim shorts, 4X rashguards and 4X swim tops and one-piece options for kayaking, boating, swimming and more. For casual afternoons, pick a 4X top, 4X tunic and 4X leggings or casual pants for a perfect look shopping, brunching or meeting friends for coffee. Don't forget our wicking 4X underwear and supportive sports bras for an inner layer of comfort, or our 4XL rain jackets to get outside even when it's a little damp.