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Comedian Allison Fingerett demonstrates how to beat “Chub Rub”
Comedian Allison Fingerett shows you how to beat "chub rub" with JunoActive's QuikWik shorts.
#ThisIsActive Q&A with Jennifer Halter, Blogger and Fitness Coach
JunoActive interviews Jennifer Halter, plus-size blogger and fitness coach for their #ThisIsActive series.
Plus Size Swimwear Essentials
Plus size swimwear essentials from JunoActive.
Inspiration #1
It’s true! It can be frustrating when goals you make for yourself don’t happen overnight. But you’ll be amazed at how giving yourself time and patience can help you reach any and every goal you’ve set for yourself. Whether it’s at work, with family and friends, or your fitness journey, You. Can. Do. It. Feel…
#ThisIsActive Q&A with Louise Green, Plus Size Fitness Coach and Author of Big Fit Girl
JunoActive interviews Louise Green, plus-size fitness coach and author of 'Big Fit Girl' for their #ThisIsActive blog series.
Spring 2017 Swim Lookbook
See our latest plus size swim collections.
#ThisIsActive Interview with Inspiring Plus Size Triathlete Olivette Oliver
Editor’s note: This has been reposted from our previous blog. Our #ThisIsActive Q+As are part of an ongoing series to show how plus size women live their active lives. Share your active life with us on social media by using #ThisIsActive. When she’s not in the pool or gym, Olivette Oliver has worked in Program and Project…
JunoActive Spring 2017 Plus Size Swimsuits Have Arrived!
JunoActive's Spring 2017 plus size swimsuit collection features bold one-pieces, aquatards, bikinis and more.