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Walk this Way
After one week of isolation -- of working from home, eating from home, keeping myself busy -- I moved my workstation to the front room of my house that overlooks the street. And I was shocked to see … people....
Taking a Moment
JunoActive is open and shipping your orders. We are honored by your confidence in us, and our ability to keep working at this unprecedented moment. We do not take your support for granted, and we are doing our very best...
Giving Back - JunoActive Spotlight's Female Led Non-Profits
In the month of March, JunoActive committed to donating 5% of our total revenue earned over a two day period to two female led non-profits.  We believe deeply in these causes and wanted to shed light on these young females...
6X6 Workouts - Staying Active in 6 Feet of Space Having trouble getting to the floor and back up again?  Hesitant to try floor exercises based on previous experiences?  You aren't alone!  This video is for you. This 6X6 fitness...
6x6 Workouts - STRETCH #1
6x6 Workouts - Staying Active in 6 Feet of Space Stuck at home?  Stressed?  We understand!  Come join us while we stay active in a 6' x 6' area of space.     Anne Kelly's personal trainer, Jeanne Johnson, is...
The Hot New Eco-Destination: Your Own Region!

We’ve all heard of eating local and shopping local, but now you can travel local, too! You don’t always have to jump on an airplane, when there are so many things to see nearby.

Bucket List Check…Connecting with My Spirit Animal
Anne Kelly explores Crystal River, FL by kayak and meets her spirit animal...the manatee.
Four No-Slip Tips for Winter Fun
Beyond the “Minnesota Shuffle” here are some ideas to stay safe and make the most of the winter season.
#ThisIsActive Q&A: Anne Kelly talks with Michael Hayes, founder and owner of Buddha Body Yoga, LLC
Buddha Body Yoga is a yoga studio in Manhattan specializing in yoga for people of all sizes and abilities. Q. I so much enjoyed taking a class with you in New York last year. But we really didn’t get a chance...
#ThisIsActive Q&A: Anne Kelly talks with long-time customer Paula K. from Wyoming
JunoActive #ThisIsActive interview with Paula K. and her experience with our brand.
#ThisIsActive Q&A: JunoActive superfan Lisa H. Talks About Her Journey to Fitness and Just Showing Up

JunoActive #ThisIsActive interview with Lisa H, a self-proclaimed JunoActive superfan and competitive athlete, about her journey to being active. 

5 Reasons to Love Hiking Poles
Have you ever tried using hiking poles out on a trail? Anne Kelly, our founder and president, shares five reason to LOVE YOUR STICKS!
#ThisIsActive Q&A: Super wife, mom & grad student Jenna Kirchner-Jacobs on making time for an active lifestyle
JunoActive #ThisIsActive interview with Jenna Kirchner-Jacobs -- a wife of 9 years, a busy stay-at-home mom of three young girls, and a great example of a woman who makes her active lifestyle a priority. 
4 Questions to Ask When Shopping for a Plus-Size Swimsuit

JunoActive's plus size swimwear lines have been designed specifically for the plus size woman to make the most of her athletic and fitness goals. Here are 4 questions you need to ask yourself before deciding which swimsuit is right for you.



#ThisIsActive Q&A: Body Positive Founder of Fat Camp Annette Richmond
Body positive writer and activist Annette Richmond shares her story and the beginnings of founding Fat Camp, an adult summer camp for plus-size women.
Black is Back: QuikEnergy Plus Size Swimwear is flattering and fun
JunoActive’s QuikEnergy collection has everything you need for the best plus size swimwear from size XL-6X.
#ThisisActive Q&A with Jill Erickson-- Plus size fit model and recent knee replacement patient

Injuries happen, and sometimes they can limit your ability to be active. We found encouragement from JunoActive friend and plus size fit model, Jill Erickson, who recently underwent surgery for a double knee replacement. In her own words, Jill shares how the comfort and ease of JunoActive's plus size activewear helped her in the hospital, during her physical therapy, and most importantly now that she’s back doing one of her favorite activities -- walking her dog.

#ThisisActive Q&A with Morit Summers-- Personal Trainer and a leader in the body positive fitness movement.
JunoActive recently partnered with Fitness Trainer Morit Summers and a group of plus size women at her gym in New York training for the Spartan Race this month, by providing inspirational #ThisIsActive Plus Size Tees to the participants. We know the importance of partnering up for workouts and love to see women of all shapes and sizes getting out and being active. Here is a little more about size-inclusive trainer Morit Summers on her philosophy and experience for movement and health at any size. 
Softwik: Your Go to Plus Size Tee
The best plus size t-shirt you'll ever own is our SoftWik Tee. Here's Why.
Beautiful Bride, Beautiful Day: Plus size style tips from ceremony to honeymooning
We’ve been helping plus size women find clothes they love for over 20 years, and so here are some tips to consider as you plan your wedding from finding the engagement party dress to swimming on your honeymoon.
#ThisisActive Q&A with Ragen Chastain-- Trainer, Author, Activist & World Record Marathoner
Ragen Chastain is a speaker, writer, Certified Health Coach, Functional Fitness Trainer, and thought leader in the fields of Body Image, Health at Every Size, Athletes at Every Size, and Corporate Wellness. Ragen is a sought-after speaker on the corporate, conference, and college circuits where she has brought her captivating and motivating mix of humor and hard facts to stages including Google, CalTech, and IvyQ.